May 28, 2009

“I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me.” John 14:6 The Message

Do you think Jesus really meant it …?

… That His life was a Road … a Way .. a Solid Path? He was with 12 ordinary guys for 3 years before He told them this One central fact. His life is a direction .. not a weapon. His life is a path .. not a dead end. A Shepherd Boy sang a prayer song a long time ago that sings: He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name. Jesus doesn’t box you in … He invites you to place your life in His hands for his journey through your life. He invites you to live your journey through His life. He invites you to the Life you long for but cannot achieve on your own. Does He mean it? He did for the 12 guys who followed him around for a few years. And He does for you today … at this very moment. It is not a restricting road … it is a redeeming road. And it is the Road that is before you at this moment … 

“… It’s for God’s people exclusively — impossible to get lost on this road. Not even fools can get lost on it.” Is. 35:8* The Message

Ken Chester: Grace-Gripped is sent M-F to Lost and Found .. Blind and Seeing Followers of Jesus and friends of Priority One (

About Ken Chester

I love seeing Christ become alive and real in someone's life. It is amazing what happens when Jesus moves in and starts to renovate a life. When I'm not riding my road bike, I am usually walking our corgi named Trinity (she came that way) and corgi-lab named Lowrider. Carolyn and I are transforming our backyard. And a book is on the way. ...Stay tuned ... Ken
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