Inside and out …

July 2, 2013

“So, let’s do it — full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word.” Hebrews 10:22-23 The Message

There is no other way to live free in the love of God … freely learning to love the life that Christ is living in you … and freely living in his grip of grace … than living out of the always dependable … completely dependable … absolutely dependable promises of God. You are made in His image. It is more than just a statement about your self-image. The gospel declares that your life is completely acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. It means that God is working in the deepest places of your life making you whole in his promise. We have the hardest time really believing that God “accepts me” in Christ. How can he accept “me” with all of “my” flaws and imperfections? What could he possibly see in “me” that would make him keep his promises? He sees his Son abiding in you. He sees his Son going room by room throughout your life. He sees his Son and he isn’t going to give up on you … ever! He always keeps his word. It is a sin-cleansing promise … a clean-slate promise … and a never-giving-up promise. God … The Father .. has shared the life of his Son for you to be cleaned out on the inside … loved on the inside … and made presentable inside and out. This is where we get stuck time and time again. The truth is that Jesus is enough for your life today. And that is a promise even when you feel like there isn’t “enough” to make life work today or going forward. He is the One who makes you presentable. He is the One who keeps His word in you. He is the One who “never gives up on you”. Jesus is not letting go of you. He got you started. He will see it through. God keeps his word in this promise-breaking .. redefining .. promise-denying world. Your confidence is not based on yourself, but on Jesus who will never give up on you. It only takes a moment …

“God, who got you started in this spiritual adventure, shares with us the life of his Son and our Master Jesus. He will never give up on you. Never forget that.” 1 Corinthians 1:9 The Message

Ken Chester: Grace-Gripped is sent M-F to the Absolutely-Accepted following Jesus and friends of Priority One (

About Ken Chester

I love seeing Christ become alive and real in someone's life. It is amazing what happens when Jesus moves in and starts to renovate a life. When I'm not riding my road bike, I am usually walking our corgi named Trinity (she came that way) and corgi-lab named Lowrider. Carolyn and I are transforming our backyard. And a book is on the way. ...Stay tuned ... Ken
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