At just the right moment…

April 14, 2016

“I’m baptizing you here in the river, turning your old life in for a kingdom life. The real action comes next: The main character in this drama—compared to him I’m a mere stagehand—will ignite the kingdom life within you, a fire within you, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out. He’s going to clean house—make a clean sweep of your lives. He’ll place everything true in its proper place before God; everything false he’ll put out with the trash to be burned.” Matt. 3:11-12 MSG

He showed up at the right moment .. the God moment. That’s exactly how God deals with you: at the right moment. It could be minutes .. hours .. days ..months .. and years. More often than not you begin to see the light-speed of God’s movement in your life over the years. It can seem to take so long but you realize that His grace to you is always in the right moment. He’s come to “ignite the kingdom life within you” .. a life you could never attain on your own .. even if you possessed all the resources. God sent an insect eating messenger dressed in even rougher fashion to announce what your new life would look like. He announced that everything inside of you had to go. You couldn’t hold on to anything. He gets the first and last word. In reality, it is the “first and last things” that strangle us to death in our desperation to control and manage our lives. This “Main Character” has come to free you from everything that would consume your life if left to yourself. (He doesn’t make you eat insects or wear camel-hair to prove your worth!) He’s come to ignite everything true in you: a faith life. He’s truthful about who He is and who you are. He’s trustworthy in everything He says and for everything you need. And everything about Jesus is available for you today … it only takes a moment.

“John the Baptizer appeared in the wild, preaching a baptism of life-change that leads to forgiveness of sins. People thronged to him from Judea and Jerusalem and, as they confessed their sins, were baptized by him in the Jordan River into a changed life. John wore a camel-hair habit, tied at the waist with a leather belt. He ate locusts and wild field honey.” Mark 1:4-6 MSG

Ken Chester: Grace-Gripped is sent to 21st Century Wilderness Followers of Jesus(

About Ken Chester

I love seeing Christ become alive and real in someone's life. It is amazing what happens when Jesus moves in and starts to renovate a life. When I'm not riding my road bike, I am usually walking our corgi named Trinity (she came that way) and corgi-lab named Lowrider. Carolyn and I are transforming our backyard. And a book is on the way. ...Stay tuned ... Ken
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