Missing pieces …

March 29, 2016 “In face-to-face meetings, he talked to them about things concerning the kingdom of God. As they met and ate meals together, he told them that they were on no account to leave Jerusalem but “must wait for what the Father promised: the promise you heard from me. John baptized in water; you … Continue reading Missing pieces …

Adoptionable ….

October 21, 2013 “…And He who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name. You are Mine.” Isaiah 43:1 New King James What’s so special about you? When it comes to Jesus .. When it comes to trusting in His life for your life .. … Continue reading Adoptionable ….

You were worth it….

February 26, 2013 Isaiah 43:3-4 “I paid a huge price for you; all of Egypt and rich Cush and Seba thrown in. That’s how much you mean to me! That’s how much I love you! I’d sell off the whole world to get you back, trade the creation just for you.” The Message It’s easy … Continue reading You were worth it….

God’s Forever Focus

April 23, 2012 “Where is the god who can compare to you– wiping the slate clean of guilt, Turning a blind eye, a deaf ear, to the past sins of your purged and precious people? You don’t nurse your anger and don’t stay angry long, for mercy is your specialty. That’s what you love most. … Continue reading God’s Forever Focus